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Skys The Limit

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Want to start an online business?
  • Launch a new project?
  • Build an existing online business?
  • Feel stuck in the idea stage?

If your answer was yes then you’ve landed in the right place.

We have a solution.



A Member's Role...

Bizolly.com (“Bizolly”) provides this site as a service to beta members to better test, refine and promote our products and services. Here are the beta guidelines to assist you in making the most of this arrangement.


Beta Guidelines Expectations

First and foremost, there is not a drop-dead date for this beta and will release it in several Phases. 
We want our beta testers to have a good understanding of their role once they complete registration. The introduction process was designed to be a successful channel with opportunity to help the beta along its natural course. In other wards, we have streamlined the beta process so it moves efficiently and present these beta guidelines to better assist you.

  • We have a plan and a method of implementation in mind.
  • We have designed a series of open channel communication vehicles to support dialogue between us and the beta members.
  • We will post updates in our beta on new developments and progress.
  • We will offer an exit survey to all participants.
  • We plan on documenting statistics and trial performance results of each phase.
  • Upgrades will be posted and incentives offered to members to explore these exciting new add-on features.
  • All beta members will have the option to retain a FREE membership.

Feedback and Communication

User feedback is a vital component and as such your opinions, suggestions and ideas become part of the development process. To participate:

  • Try to keep your comments and suggestions limited to technical development about the website.
  • Define your suggestions clearly. Avoid simply complaining in general terms. This is intended to create a community of discussion and to help future members and our developers improve upon the site.
  • We expect courtesy from and to other beta members.
  • Avoid flame wars by not engaging in personal attacks, and resist provocation.
  • Refrain from using racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs, profanity or sexually explicit language.
  • Do not disrupt any other beta member’s use of this site or send spam.
  • Your participation in our programs and anything else you publish using our site is subject to review, modification, and deletion without notice and at the sole discretion of Bizolly.com and its designates, as well as the option not to modify or delete existing posts and does not constitute an endorsement of its contents by Bizolly.com.

Problems & Glitches

Beta testing takes time and using the beta guidelines will help you in your efforts be a vital contributor. A website this size cannot be properly tested in just a few days, or even weeks. If we were to cut beta testing short in an effort to get to market quicker, we may risk alienating future members. The beta testing process is time consuming, and patience is required by everyone involved in the process. We are prepared to work long hours to correct any bugs and are sensitive to the needs of our users.

  • Files or other information regarding our site may be subject to limitations on usage, access, reproduction, or dissemination.
  • If you have a service or membership issue, use this link: Contact Us You can also find more assistance and answers at the HelpDesk in the Customer Service Department.

Phase Introduction

We have chosen to release stages of our development to segmented groups of beta members, designing features for each segment. For example, Phase One: FREE membership features will be released to one group of testers: Savvy Globe-Trotters, and then Phase Two: Skilled Navigators and Expert Expedition Leaders will be integrated into our membership. Our decision was based on keeping things fresh so beta members don't burn out too quickly, and by dividing the testing between two groups, our responses will be more streamlined.

  • You will be required to: get a Reservation Code, upload a photo or Gravatar of yourself and complete your profile.
  • You must register to sell on this site. To register, you must provide your real name, address, phone number and email address.
  • You will be automatically enrolled as a member of our beta group to allow you to complete your registration by taking a short survey.
  • You will have to complete 3 additional surveys over a six month period of time.
  • You will be eligible for membership upgrades based on your level of beta participation.
  • You must be over 13 years of age to register as a user or participate in the Bizolly.com’s Beta! site.


We offer incentives for our beta members to communicate and provide feedback. Beta testers that provide comprehensive feedback will receive complimentary site features, invitations and rewards. Our goal is to inspire evangelists base on delivery and performance benchmarks! We plan to use all channels of promotion to solicit new testers and retain existing users because not only do we value their contributions but they are the Bizolly experts when it comes to our site's features.

  • FREE Membership Features: Savvy Globe-Trotter
  • Optional Upgrades Based on Points and/or Fees.
  • Points and Badges that give you greater access and increase your benefits.
  • Participation Recognition
  • Exclusive Special Promotional Incentives

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